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Halima is an abstract visual artist living on Vancouver Island. She works primarily with acrylic, with some oil and various other media. In a layer-by-layer method, never knowing or planning the final result, Halima paints with deep attention to feeling, sensation, abstract composition and colour. Her style is metaphorical, intuitive and open, painting impressions of sound, colour, feeling and thought in large-canvas format.
This open style stems from an initial ‘painting because it feels good, talent-be-damned’ approach when she reached for the paintbrush at the crossroads of illness and growing children. With a background in cultural anthropology and psychotherapy, the artist takes an interest in stories and the meanings we give to the events of our lives. Her understanding and reflection of these are facilitated through creative art-making. An adherent to living a creative life, she engages deeply in the seemingly mundane activities of everyday life and brings these sensations to the canvas.

Halima is a fan of family, morning coffee, and a good dose of sarcasm. And cats.

Halima Rogers art studio displaying large windows, work in progress, acrylic paint tubes and her resident cat.


Click the link below to contact Halima for purchase options and commissions.

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