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A Creative Connection: Halima Rogers and Sarah Hill David

A Creative Connection is showing at The Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre
March 9 - April 2, 2023

A Creative Connection is an experiment with the ways in which two people connect through shared art-making, specifically by painting simultaneously on a shared panel, and then sequentially on separate panels with shared cues and themes. Sarah and Halima explore the concept of knowing oneself and one another more deeply through playful, exploratory art-making in an open and intuitive manner.

This collaborative experiment began by painting on the first panel, initially working simultaneously, then taking turns and eventually ending back together, while consulting one another throughout the process. On the next panels, they painted base layers and swapped them for each to complete. As Sarah and Halima moved away from their collaborative artwork, they painted on individual panels, once alongside one another in a shared outdoor location; then through the shared concept of the colour green; next via a phone conversation; and then lastly, painting independently of any physical, thematic, or intentional connection.

The artists have enjoyed seeing what is possible when art is made in close connection with one another. A few threads that have emerged through this process appear in similar palette choices, felt concurrent emotions, and the influences they had on one another’s style. It is the curiosity and willingness that Sarah and Halima brought to this project that has facilitated new creative territory, and ultimately, a deeper support and respect for each other, and within themselves.

To see Sarah's work for this exhibit, please go to

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